RoD US 100 Equity Index


Once a year, Fifth Quadrant Analytics publishes the Return on Disability US 100 Index representing the top 100 large public companies in the United States. This equity index recognizes companies that are outperforming in the disability market.

Calculated daily and broadcast on Bloomberg terminals worldwide, this index encompasses the best performers on the RoD Ratings System. RoD Ratings are based on a proprietary methodology which takes into account more than 300 business drivers—across customer, employee and productivity criteria. It then measures 20 publicly observable data points, which are uniquely weighted for a given company or industry.

Fifth Quadrant Analytics’ equity indices give investors a simple way to identify Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) investments that have a higher probability of outperforming their peers in a given industry sector. In addition, the index helps investors improve portfolio performance by providing a new financial lens for evaluating existing and new investments.