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With Fifth Quadrant Analytics’ Return on Disability Ratings Report, companies transform disability compliance into an opportunity to innovate, grow and drive profitability.

Product simplicity. Innovative packaging. Talent recruitment messaging. Accessibility for employees and customers. Streamlined business processes.  These are just a few of the growth opportunities that are addressed in Fifth Quadrant Analytics’ Return on Disability Ratings Reports.

These reports helps companies understand their organization’s performance across disability factors that link directly to profitability. Available as an annual subscription to companies in the U.S. and Canada, Return on Disability Ratings Reports include a highly detailed assessment of a company’s individual performance—and this data is supplemented with ongoing access to disability subject matter experts throughout the year.

Our Methodology

Each ratings report draws from a universe of more than 300 business drivers spanning customer, employee and productivity areas. The report measures 20 publicly observable data points, which are weighted to reflect their relative importance for a given company or industry. The end result is one number—the company’s actual Return on Disability Rating. This rating also determines company’s position on the company’s Return on Disability Index, an equity index available on Bloomberg terminals.

Why Executives Care

Return on Disability Ratings Reports enable CEOs and other executives to reach a large and influential new customer segment that represents 1.3 billion people globally (a market the size of China). They can also tap a new base of employees who  bring unique and diverse insights across all facets of the business. Ratings reports also serve as a catalyst to innovate faster, inspire lean process and delight customers by offering products, messaging and new ways of doing business that passes the “elegantly simple” test. In addition, they can attract new investors looking for the most promising socially responsible investments. Bottom line, the ratings reports make the most of compliance mandates, by approaching them with a strong eye toward profitability.

Why Marketing Leaders Care

Return on Disability Ratings Reports offer unique marketing benefits. They enable marketing executives to capitalize on a new customer segment with the buying power of $8 trillion globally. The reports help companies strengthen brand loyalty by generating new ideas for how they can offer products, packaging and messaging that are inclusive of people with disabilities. This, in turn, helps companies create a strong emotional bond with customers—and their friends and family—who care deeply about diversity issues and make buying decisions accordingly. Lastly, the reports enable companies to become a first-mover and recognized leader in an emerging and increasingly relevant aspect of corporate governance.

Why Diversity and Human Resources Leaders Care

Return on Disability Ratings Reports helps Diversity and Human Resource executives take a leadership role in the next big focus of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. They don’t just ensure disability compliance—they turn mandates into an opportunity to drive profitability. Leaders in Diversity and Human Resources use these reports as an actionable road map to assess the company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and they  leverage point-in-time metrics to measure the organization’s progress against best-in-class benchmarks and sector leaders. Perhaps most important, the reports help these leaders elevate the strategic importance of disability and diversity in their organization by linking it directly to shareholder value.

Fact Sheets

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