What We Do


Fifth Quadrant Analytics is a ratings company and an index provider

focused on the disability market.

Fifth Quadrant Analytics’ Return on Disability Ratings Reports helps companies understand their performance across disability factors that are linked directly to profitability. These reports—combined with ongoing consulting time with subject matter experts—enables companies to transform disability compliance into an opportunity to innovate, grow and drive profitability.

In addition to rating reports, Fifth Quadrant Analytics’ publishes a Return on Disability Index for the U.S. and Canada markets. These equity indices recognize public companies that are outperforming in the disability market. Updated and published daily on the Bloomberg terminal, the indices give investors a simple way to identify Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) investments that have a higher probability of creating shareholder value over time.

The methodology underpinning these research products is based exclusively on economic business drivers. Fifth Quadrant Analytics analyzes a given companies’ performance across 20 observable disability-related factors. It then applies a traditional equity index approach to the best companies it researches in disability—a market never before measured by economic criteria.

Fifth Quadrant Analytics was founded in 2012 by Rich Donovan and Brian Dawson. Their goal? To deliver powerful shareholder value to companies and investors worldwide by providing transparency, analysis and best practices on the disability market—a newly recognized customer segment made up of 1.3 billion people worldwide. Read more about the disability market.